Oral History Project


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Parallel LivesJack and Wanda; Wanda and Jack:

Table of Contents

Chapter       Title page
  A.            Introduction to Parallel Lives


     Main Story Excerpts Focus and Historical Context


    Lists of Full Interview Transcripts, Audio or Video tapes and digital files


  Publications, Pictures & Maps = Image Files.  List of one document or picture at a time  & Sets in word documents -      [Click for Set 3 test with smaller photos in microsoft word document format ]

  E.      Technical - Interview Process: Progression from stories to active interviews.
      Biographies of interviewees & list of stories to be considered
  G.       Bibliography, Sources Consulted
  H.     List of other Keefe family sources. 
      End Notes   Related to Part B
  K     Excerpts from  Sources Consulted for Oral History Project 
      Technical -Media Format related
  N.     Overall Lists of Docs and Annexes.
  P     Oral History Class Related Docs [to be reviewed & added]
  Q     Significant Other Publications to Support Oral History Project as Background [see also D01]
  R    Forms or permission procedures - consent