A Davis- Keefe, Canadian- American Experience

Parallel Lives: Jack & Wanda, Wanda and Jack Keefe

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Jack and Wanda; Wanda and Jack: Parallel Lives

Part C.      List of Full Transcripts, Audio or Video Tapes and Digital Files  used as sources for Oral Hist Project:

The interview tapes and transcripts serve as the primary source material of this project. In Section B, key stories have been summarized and in some cases excerpted to illustrate a point. References are provided to the complete transcript, which are available in this Section.

C.02    Other uses of the similar stories from members of 3 Generations

During the course of this project I discovered that a granddaughter of Wanda and Jack , Briana Keefe-Oats had used a telephone interview of the grandparents as part of her school project.  The result was a small hand made booklet which highlights stories that have spread through three generations. Copies of this or other relatives work may be included as part of a future project

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Lists of Interviews - Transcripts, Audio and Video files

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C..01    List of Interviews - Transcripts    
C.02    Other uses of  similar stories by [or from] members of 3 Generations to be added  



List of Interview - Audio Tapes and digital files

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List of  Interview - Video tapes and Digital Video Files

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Lists of Stories from Interviewees Life

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Technical -Media,  Format related note: The process used

Use of video, Audio tape recording, transcribing, CD mastering etc.