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Part M:  Technical –Media Transfer Process related for Oral Hist Project:

Jack and Wanda; Wanda and Jack: Parallel Lives

The process for actually capturing the audio or video and producing transcripts of the interviews might be of interest to others considering such a project. Attention should  be given to time required to process and present recorded material. The extent of editing and rearranging of material undertaken will considerably affect the process.

M.1.   All on a CD :

A CD version will include everything mentioned above with the addition of as much of the actual audio files which will fit. As a follow up to this project and as time and resources allow, a separate or additional CDs or DVD disk could be used to also make available the audio and video files.



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Technical -Media Format related Note:  The process used:

Use of video, Audio tape recording, transcribing, CD mastering etc.




Recording of interviews





Recorded  via a small tape recorder on to cassette tape

All interviews before August 2000




Recorded on digital video cameras.  ..

All interviews after July 2000, Panasonic DV-200




The image and sound on the Digital Video tape were transferred to a computer

A firewire connection was used between the DV camera and computer. Digital Origin Edit software was used to transfer and capture segments  in two gigabyte GB sections. Each segment = about nine minuets of recorded video.




The audio portion of the imported material  was copied to a  separate file

Combining all the audio tracks from each interview session. The multiple two gigabyte video track was the source.




The combined digital audio track from each interview was then played back

through the external speakers but could have been through a wire connection




picked up by microphone connected to transcriber as input

The transcriber was recording onto cassette tape




This audio cassette  tape was then used for the transcription with the transcriber machine

Transcriber had foot pedal to use in moving forward and re-winding the tape in short segments. Using the foot pedal cut the transcribing time at lest in half.




IN some cases the typist just played the tape using the transcriber machine and typed what was heard

A draft transcript was produced




Sometimes  the transcriber machine was used to play with headphones to the typist . The  typist then spoke what was heard into the microphone to computer  voice recognition software.

Dragon naturally speaking voice recognition software that  was trained to the typist voice




Reformatting and simple editing was performed by transcriber/ typist.

Word Processing Spelling checker was used  Transcripts from later interviews had table of contents and subject index added




Create A Web site to place and link the files

Use Microsoft “FrontPage” Software




Save the file as a HTM file to be easily on any web browser

Then link to other files in different sections of web site




Scan some non-electronic  files into tiff images





Use OCR software to read a text file





For files with both text and images transfer to PDF format

Adobe Acrobat




Some of the older files [e.g. Alaska Highway]  with both image and text and other family photographs were digitally copies by a  commercial printer. firm transfer the images to tiff and pdf files

The vendor transferred the images to tiff and pdf  files This can be an expensive. But quality of the images can be better. The images may also be used for printing process at a later date with out losing resolution or image quality..




Place individual pictures to a word document. Then transfer to htm format.

This automatically creates smaller size JPG files for each folder.




Create separate Word document with table format and captionsto insert the jpeg format photos

For this separate word Doc use only the jpeg compressed files


See also E


Technical – Interview Process.