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Part E: Technical – Interview Process

as part of MA Hist Project:

Parallel Lives: Jack and Wanda; Wanda and Jack

E. Technical – Interview Process : Progression from Stories to Active Interviews 

Below is a  simple chart of the steps followed for this Project. I began with discussing possible  interviews with Wanda and Jack during which they started sharing  their often told stories. As specific interview times were scheduled the process moved to an interviewer/interviewee relationship where new material is covered. For some steps used for transferring “voices " between video, audio and transcripts see Part M.


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Technical - Process of MA Thesis project.

Interviewer and Interviewee participation




Preliminary meetings to discuss with Wanda and Jack Keefe the Idea of interviews

There were a few discussions that touched on interview process and Jack’s or Wanda’s request to get some of the stories written down. Some consideration that apart might eventually be section of a family  book that had been proposed over the decades




Storytelling examples and agreeing on a list

There was a few sessions of sharing stories which led to Jack agreeing to make a draft  list of often told tales or anecdotes – the draft list just had a key word or two and a number




Recording the List

Jack read to Adhiratha his list adding brief detail – the conversation was tape recorded. The list typed from the tape and shared with Jack




Then some stories fro m the list were transcribed

Also shared the beginning chapter of a book which jack had been in process of drafting for a few years.




Beginning chapter of a book

Jack read from a beginning draft chapter of a book “not one of the boys  he had been planning for some time.




Wanda’s Account of 1956  visit  to Canada

A copy  [jack edited] copy of  Wanda’s description of trip Wanda and her sister Gwen made with 9 children going back to Alberta in 1956 as sample of a family story.




Time Context for Interviews

Discussed with Wanda and Jack the idea of pursuing the interviews in a rough time sequence [e.g. early life and family,  school, beginning jobs , how met, coming to New York etc.]




Interviews and transcripts

Interviews were recorded and transcripts sheared with Wanda and Jack for comment on the content or process




Questions for Follow up

In at least two cases written questions were shared with Wanda and Jack in advance of the interview process




Share Background Texts

Jack was very interested in the Books Adhiratha was reading as part of the project. He read a good bit and shared some of his comments on the texts




Presentation to Oral History Class

Adhiratha recorded a presentation of excerpts from beginning Interviews. This was presented to a teaching Oral History class The presentation and class reaction were shared with Wanda and Jack




Using Video

It was agreed to try video recording some of the interviews




Sharing the Video and transcripts

At first a small section of the video was shared with Wanda and Jack using he monitor of the camera for playback Then they were provided  one VHS tape the equivalent of the 3 hours of interviews which were video recorded [transcripts had been previously provided for comment]




Draft Parts of the MA Thesis Project

Draft Parts of the MA Thesis project were shared with Wanda and Jack who also added Pictures and other memorabilia







See also M


Technical -Media Format related

Use of video, Audio tape recording, transcribing, CD mastering etc.