28 April 2001

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Parallel Lives : Jack and Wanda, Wanda and Jack

[Subtitled: A Davis-Keefe, Canadian-American Experience] 


B       Main Story Excerpts Focus and Historical Context

As noted above, the main part of the interviews focused on the time before, during and after the Second World War. In order to give some historical context to the interview excerpts in part B.02 to B.09, comments and excerpts are clustered around 8 themes related to that period. These were suggested by the issues which surfaced during the interviews and were also discussed in some of the reference literature.  Part B.10 to B.12 provide further context from previous studies, Author’s Lessons’ Learned and end notes for Part B.

B. 01   Meeting in a Common workplace, Early Placement & Education

B. 02   North America Society & Movements

B. 03   Economy [Controls, Prosperity,  Business, Labor, GI Bill)

B. 04   Politics and early sense of the War

B. 05   Why some didn't want to fight

B. 06   Turning Point & the “Good War ’s Images”:

B. 07   Women, Gender and  work issues

B. 08   An interventionist supports Political Campaigns after the war.

B. 09   History, Memory , Questions & Humor:

B. 10   Context Background: Policy change from 1930’s reflected in 1947

B. 11   Interviewers/Author’s Comments, Lessons Learned and what left out

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