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Part K ;       Excerpts from  Sources Consulted for

O ral Hist Project:

Jack and Wanda; Wanda and Jack: Parallel Lives







Historical Context Subject Mater 1920-1950




McElvaine Robert S..  The Great Depression: America 1929 to 1941. New York: Time Books, Random House Inc., 1993.



The Department of State Bulletin, Vol XVI, No 402 Publication 2779, March 16, 1947, Superintendent of Documents, U.S. Government Printing Office

·         Austin, Warren R. Excerpt from a speech on the United Nations and “The Goal of Collective Security” by US Representative to the Untied Nations given to the Overseas Press club in NY

  • Charnow, John  J.. Department of State account of the establishment of  The International Children’s Emergency Fund UNICEF.
  • Excerpt  from  Senate consideration for the Peace Treaties with Italy, Bulgaria Rumania and Hungary including the two statements from the former and new Secretary of State.
  • Truman, Harry S.. Excerpt from the speech of the USA President Truman  in Mexico where he outlined his “Good Neighbor Policy” subtitled An Application of Democracy to International Affairs
  • Truman, Harry S.  Excerpts form The USA President Truman’s speech on “Peace, Freedom and World Trade” at Baylor University in WACO Tex




Oral History Related