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  Swims in 31 locations for UN International Year 1986

Swims for the International Year of Peace

During 1986, four members of the Peace Meditation group, staff members of the United Nations Secretariat and UNICEF, undertook a number of "Swims for Peace" to draw attention to the United Nations International Year of Peace. Their first swim was on 1 January in the frigid waters off Hiroshima, Japan, and five days later they swam in Nagasaki Harbour. Encouraged by a letter of appreciation from the Office of the Secretary-General commending the "intrepid endeavors" and "admirable commitment, which you and your colleagues in the Meditation Group share for the principles of the United Nations Organization and its International Year of Peace,"

The swimmers traveled to a total of 35 sites around the globe—all at their own expense—to swim for peace. The enthusiastic response, reflected in the over 50 newspaper articles that covered the swims, inspired them to continue in 1987. A list of these swims is given below.


General Press Coverage 



  1986   text & images video
01 1 January Miyajima Island, Hiroshima, Japan PDF = 5pp  
02 6 January Fukiida Beach, Nagasaki, Japan PDF =16pp  
03 8 February Fernandina Beach, Fernandina, Florida PDF =5 pp  
04 8 February Savannah Beach, Savannah, Georgia PDF = 1 pp  
05 9 February Jacksonville Beach, Jacksonville, Florida PDF = 4 pp  
06 9 February Ocean Front, Plaza Hotel, Daytona Beach, Florida PDF = 6 pp  
07 15 February Lake Pontchartrain, New Orleans, Louisiana PDF  =4 pp  
08 15 February Edgewater Mall Beach, Gulfport-Biloxi, Mississippi PDF = 4 pp  
09 16 February Mobile Yacht Club, Mobile, Alabama PDF = 8 pp  
10 16 February Stewart Beach, Galveston, Texas PDF =3pp  
11 22 February Horseshoe Bay, Bermuda PDF
12 I March Boca Chica Beach, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic PDF  
13 1 March Laguna de Candado, San Juan, Puerto Rico PDF  
14 2 March Cruz Bay, St. John to Sapphire Beach, St. Thomas, Virgin Islands PDF  
15 8 March 27th St. Ocean Front, Virginia Beach, Virginia PDF  
16 8 March Johnny Mercer Pier, Wrightsville Beach, Wilmington, North Carolina - PDF  
17 9 March Pavillion Ocean Front, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina PDF  
18 9 March Battery Shore Front, Charleston, South Carolina PDF  
19 15 March Lake Pleasant, Phoenix, Arizona PDF  
20 15 March Tiajuana Beach, Tiajuana, Mexico PDF  
21 15 March La Jolla Cove, San Diego, California PDF  
22 16 March East Beach, Santa Barbara, California PDF  
23 16 March Santa Monica Pier, Santa Monica, California [see #22)  
24 22 March Danalo Beach, Ponteranas, Costa Rica PDF  
25 23 March Fuerte Amador Beach, Panama City, Panama PDF  
26 23 March Langosta Beach, Colon City, Panama PDF  
27 21 December Buenos Aires, Argentina PDF



28 25 December Salinas Beach, Vina del Mar, Chile PDF


29 29 December Laguna Car6n, Santiago, Chile PDF


30 31 December Valdivia River, Valdivia, Chile PDF  


    mixed location photos in Tiff format
photo\1986-swim-various-photos-color-argentina-chile.tif = 42,000 KB
Beware full Tiff original format BIG file  
31 2 January Las Molinas de Niebla, Valdivia, Chile PDF


32 7 January Copa Cabana Beach, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil PDF  
33 9 January Montevideo, Uruguay PDF  
34 11 January Lake Tlticaca, La Paz, Bolivia PDF


35 13 January La Playa Herradura, Lima, Peru PDF


    mixed locations photos in orig tiff format -swim-031-034- 035-Chile-Bolivia-Peru-color-mix.tif = 24,600 kb Beware full Tiff original format BIG file  
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