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  Sri Chinmoy: Official Home Page  -   Sri Chinmoy is a spiritual teacher who has tirelessly dedicated his life to the fulfilment of the unlimited potential of the human spirit and to the pursuit of world oneness. This uplifting site provides an overview of Sri Chinmoy’s life and teachings, as well as his writings, music and artistic creations.

Sri_Chinmoy_Inspiration · Enlightened opinion on Sri Chinmoy where the students and friends of Sri Chinmoy are sharing news, information, opinion, poetry, music, humor and more. Here you will find a beautiful tapestry woven by spiritual seekers from around the world, who are sharing what Sri Chinmoy means in their daily lives. We warmly invite all well-wishers to join and post.

Sri Chinmoy  is inspiring and serving humanity with his soulful offerings - his prayers and meditations, his literary, musical and artistic works, and his grassroots cultural and athletic programmes.


  AK Story - An Aspiration Plant is encouraged by Sri Chinmoy  []


  Pictures with Sri Chinmoy - Walking - Outside UN - with Family members - Sporting events
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  • Sri Chinmoy Library -        In over 1400 books of poetry, essays, plays and short stories, Sri Chinmoy’s words have conveyed the richness and diversity of the human quest for inner harmony and self-understanding. More than a thousand of Sri Chinmoy ’s inspiring works are online and searchable at this site.
  • the official website of the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team.
  • - a radio station that exclusively transmits Sri Chinmoy's music and performances.
  Marathon Team      - Oneness Home Global Run
  Music for 20 Songs recommended for 2004
  Supreme - Infinitys Dream song music and comment
  Excerpt from Oral History & Parallel Lives :Jack & Wanda, Wanda & Jack   [A Canadian - American Experience]
  • Pictures Adhiratha, Jack & Wanda with Sri Chinmoy
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