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  • In 1973 I was offered a ride to NY to check out the spiritual Teachers and alternatives
    • WBAI "In the Spirit" with Lex Hixon
    • Jain teacher give me a mantra. "All you who have conquered your inner enemies - I bow before you". Explained that like a pitcher one bows into the water in order to be filled up.
    • Go to many talks and classes.
  • Sri Chinmoy's Kundalini Yoga Talks at NYU.
    • Where does everyone go after the talks?
    • How do they know when to come up an sing?
    • Saying my Mantra - getting a direct answer
  • Attending Receptions and organizing programs -
  • Special days - Report to SG for 1977 & 1978
  Adhiratha - Divine Charioteer carrying earth aspiration to the Supreme. You will carry both divine and human qualities.

 -Written by ckg in pdf format,  with blessings with small bird drawing in pdf, name & blessings in tiff format

 Adhiratha Traveling 2004 taken from Sulil's best album at


  •    Returning to NY    - Meeting Sri Chinmoy   - A name change
  •    UN & Unicef
    • work , committee, community
  •     Sports and Community Activities
  •     MA & Additional Courses


  Athletics : Swim,  Run,  Cycle
  Sharing knowledge or experience - e.g
  Professional related      Share Work Groups & drafts [some are password entry]
  Oral History & Parallel Lives :Jack & Wanda, Wanda & Jack  [A Canadian - American Experience]

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