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Aspiration Tree

Welcome to the Aspiration Tree:

There is only one perfect road and that road is ahead of you, always ahead of you..-CKG.

This is skeleton version of the original 1999 site, without boarder links or color - just preserving some of the content

About Aspiration Tree        
The concept of Aspiration Tree is Generic in that it might be applied to communities in various locations.

In a healthy community, information identification and delivery systems as well as forums for participation and governance may take many forms. AT seeks to point to collections, contents and services, which help sustain the community.

A.  Introduction  
B. Highlighting Unique Information Sources within the community

1. Content,

2. Unique Community of users,

3. Organizational Structure of the Collections

C. Related information of potential interest to the community [Links]
D. Participation and Governance.
E. Resources required to sustain AT

if you are new, please explore the site. 

The AT site is designed for observers and more active participants. 

Most information is un-restricted but there are some less accessible spaces or bulletin postings.



The views expressed or information presented do NOT  necessarily represent the official position of any person or organization.  

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Aspiration Tree Background & Plan The designer sees this site as a prototype some of which may never go beyond the testing stage.