AT Database Collections
DB Title Description Access Availability Status
UN Community Conversation      Planned 2001
Community Process interactive objects     Planned 2003
AT Governance related docs and objects     Drafted awaiting adoption
AT Spaces availability/reservations     List Available, Editing required before activated
AT community Announcements     Transfer protocol being procedure zed. Straight transfer form paper to begin, Then e-mail or direct access to registered users 
AT participants basic etiquette      
AT community participants and observers voluntary profiles      
UN Community Pictures NY First Ave, Rose Garden, Room of Quiet, Dag Hammarskjold Plaza, U thant Island Places to Live, 59th St.Bridge     
 AT Databases links to alternatives  Links to Other sites which  maintain similar or Supplementary information     plannned
AT Governance Representatives, alternatives and Observers      
Media in UN Community - Sample images Secretariat News, UNICEF News, UN Diplomatic , Earth Times, A Moments Peace. A View from the UN     
Ideas  Forum  - Suggestions, evaluations and proposals  for future development of UN or AT community