My Story - An Aspiration Plant is encouraged

Trying for the sun with feet on the earth

Encouraged by  Sri Chinmoy : CKG

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CKG's early stories

  • See Janika Alan Spence intro and stories: Awakening
  • CKG's Plays & Poems
  • Time Line Life of Sri Chinmoy

Adhiratha's awakening stories:

  • Alter boy and thinking of the  priesthood,
  • High School Minor Seminary
  • World Travel as Merchant Seaman - Visiting Temples
  • University questioning - Experimental College
  • Moved by the Bhagavad Gita
  • Group Work - no teachers - only shared learners
  • Political leads to cultural, leads to spiritual search
  • Limits of the self and sharing learning
  • Paying the bills with Construction work - Supporting the Free school
  • Searching for others who have gone before -Creating receptivity
  • Discover playing music and light combinations
  • USA Travel - West and East Coast
  • Ride to NY to check out the spiritual Teachers and alternatives
  • Strong guidance at Sri Chinmoy's Kundalini Yoga Talks at NYU.

Memories of Moments with Sri Chinmoy


Sri Chinmoy's Students Stories

  • Stories & experiences
  • Oral Histories
  Adhiratha background          -    Birth - Baptism - Confirmation Kevin Kenneth Karl
  Athletics : Swim,  Run,  Cycle
  Sharing knowledge or experience - e.g meditation classes
  Professional related      Share Work Groups & drafts [some are password entry]
  Oral History & Parallel Lives :Jack & Wanda, Wanda & Jack  [A Canadian - American Experience]

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