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Family & Friends [under construction]

  Parallel Lives :Jack & Wanda, Wanda & Jack Keefe  [[Subtitled: A Davis-Keefe,  Canadian-American Experience] - paper submitted as part of an  Oral History Project which  fulfilled a  requirement  for the Master of Arts [MALS], City University of New York CUNY, Includes original transcripts, some photos, and digital audio and video of interviews
  Sunil William Davidson :  Sep 1947 - Mar 2002
  Paul Even Peters : Dec 12, 1948 - Nov 18, 1996
  My Story - An Aspiration Plant is nurtured by Sri Chinmoy : Trying for the sun with feet on the earth
  UNICEF United Nations Children's Fund
  Francis Woods Keefe
  College reunions etc
  • 17 May 2002