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This is a STRUCTURE page for discussion purposes:

**For any marked as in included in "lifeofsrichinmoy.com" see that site for latest revision.**

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  Links Description **included in life of srichinmoy.com
1 bio-mainpoints.htm Short Short Summary Biographical Narrative - 1 page intro to early life, and now students  Yes as revised
2 bio-timeline-year.htm Time Line  - Sri Chinmoy  Biography -  Structure by year 1946 - 1965 Yes as revised. May also become home page  as index.htm
3 bio-some-detail.htm Summary Biographical Narrative -with some Detail yes as revised at site
4 sc-site scc-mainpoints.htm Sri Chinmoy Centre Link to be considered
5 structure-Life of-sri-chinmoy.htm Proposed structure no
6 Data-Base-structure-bio-CKG.htm Data base for items related to Bio
  • 1. First was original draft proposed structure
  • 2. see international group proposed Core Set of Document Meta-Data below and with categories.
  • 3. The access test site table borrowed heavily from these two proposals


6.a ACCIes DB test structure

medur\copy-of-ckg-timeline.mdb in zip format [access 2000-file format]

Access 97 file format



tables items, events, contacts begin of relationships no
6.b \copy-of-Data-Base-structure-bio-CKG.htm for review uploading no
7 ..\Sri-Chinmoy.htm


Sri Chinmoy related from AK view /site no
8. bk-awake-txt-pp01-52-ocr-table.rtf Full list & text of Stories from Awakening with status comment no
8.a awake-p03-table-of-contents-exstract2.htm Table of Contents Exstract yes
8.3 awake-p05-intro-exstract.htm Introduction extract yes