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2.    Language Versions of Sri Chinmoy's Quotes

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2.    Language Versions of Sri Chinmoy's Quotes

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  The perfect road
  • There is only one perfect road , and
  • That road is ahead of you,
  • always ahead of you. -
'One of Jack Keefe's favorite Quotes from Sri Chinmoy   test Spanish and audio test Russian and audio  


  • There is always hope,
  •  We live on hope. -
Sri Chinmoy's response to question if there was still hope for a situation while he was walking into the UN.
  Spirituality and others faith
  • Spirituality is not mere hospitality to others faith in God.
  • It is the absolute recognition and
  • acceptance of their faith in God as one's own.....
Used as a main theme of the Annual Inter-religions Prayer Breakfast for the UN Community sponsored by the Meditation Group at the United Nations  


  Seeker - no time to look back
  • Oh seeker you have no time to look back.
  • Yours is the journey to constantly fly upward,
  • March forward and dive inward
  • To please God al the time
  • In his own way.
Si Chinmoy Poem in series  # 19,474?r        
  • My Lord does not want my surrender-life from my suffering heart-tears.
  • But he does want my surrender-life from my flying heart-smiles.


July 1986. Given to AK to read out in Sri Chinmoy's absence from a Wed night  weekly meditation. AK had fractured his hip on 04 July 1986        
  • Purity is to the body
  • What clarity is to the mind.
  • Gratitude is to the heart
  • What infinitude is to the soul.
In November of 1975 Sri Chinmoy wrote 843 Poems in 24 Hours - this was one of them. Later sent to Thanksgiving Square in Dallas Texas. Appears in the Volume titled: Transcendence Perfection      
  If Criticism Frightens
  • If criticism frightens you heart
  • Then praise, without fail
  • Will weaken your heart
  Sri Chinmoy Poem      
  God in your conscious life:
  • You have studied books on God and people have told you that God is in everybody, but this is all mental speculation.
  • It is only when you realize God in your conscious life that you truly know who God is, what He looks like, and what He wills.
  • At that time you remain in God's Consciousness all the time .
  • This is not mental hallucination or imagination; it is direct reality.
  • And this reality is more authentic than my seeing you here in front of me.
  Sri Chinmoy Book


  Who I am
  • True, I do not know who I am
  • But I do know Whose I am.
Word and Music By Sri Chinmoy 19 April 1987        
  Sri Chinmoy's philosophy of "Never Give up" related to Arther Schopenhaur quote on the Acceptance of Truth?

"All Truth passes through three stages:

  • :First it is ridiculed:
  • Second, it is violently opposed: and
  • Third, it is accepted as being self-evident."


Through meditation and other processes of reflection we see clearly the third stage which gives us the strength to survive the other two. The first two stages are inflicted upon others by those who have not reflected on the issue. We are empowered by the knowledge that the third stage in inevitable. Source? Placed on wall the office wall to remind me      
  John Kennedy wanted to use the UN to Move the world, Sri Chinmoy says Do not Give Up.

.. the final quote concerning the United Nations from your 31 May article, "Staff Counsellor Bows Out", I was reminded of two others;

  • The first I fixed some time ago to a picture frame in my office which holds photos of [Secretary-Generals] U Thant with Dag Hammarskj÷ld and U Thant with with [US President] John F. Kennedy. They are the words spoken by President Kennedy during his visit to the United Nations:
    • "My fellow inhabitants of this planet, let us take our stand here in this Assembly of Nations and
    • let us see if we, in our own time, can move the world toward a just and lasing peace"
  • The second quote is form Sri Chinmoy who has been leading peace meditations a the United Nations for the past 15 years:
    •  "If you really want to accomplish something, never surrender to outer circumstances. Real failure is only when we give up -- never, never before.
    • Do not give up under any circumstances.
    • Continue: the goal is ahead of you. If you do not give up you are bound to reach your destined goal."

I find both quotes most inspiring especially for this 40th anniversary year.

Letters to the Editor : Mailbox - Submitted by Adhiratha Appeared in 19 Sept 1985 Issue of UN Secretariat News      
  God's will

Not my will but Thine be done.

Words from New Testament, Music by Sri Chinmoy        
  I cherish only one strength, My cheerful surrender to God's will Wods and Music by Sri Chinmoy        

I drove the chariot of the sun
     Athwart the arch of blue-gold Heaven,
Dissolving the negative intruders,
     Fear and doubt,
Embracing the positive prompters,
     Faith and Love.
Thousands of years ago
    I challenged the invisible.
At long last, today
    My challenge has been accepted.
Enlightenment fondly braves
    The untiring searcher.
from The Dance Of Life, Part 2
  Spirituality is not
A compulsory course,
It is the blossoming
Of an inner urge.
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   From: shashanka_ch
Subject: Visit to Russia (3)
  Exercise of those over 50.

Those over 50 should  exercise for at least two hours a day

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