Name URL Evaluation SubjSsort Ease UnqMaterial UnqLink Fultext? R1-5 ClassREf Subject& Notes Field13
A Name of web site AA URL/ Address Evaluation Notes or comments SUBJECT Abr.: INT= Internet; HIS= History; HEA= Health, Athletics, Preventative Care, Exercise; DIS= Distance Education & Learning/Training; COM= Community Participation & Governance; DEV= Individual Development, Recreational, Spiritual UN = United Nations Agencies Prog & Funds UPL = USA Presidential Libraries AA INT UN LIB HIS HEA DIS COM DEV UPL Ease navigate within site. Avoide Top 10 Mistake: 01_Frames -Over use; 02_Bleed edge tech; 03_Scroll text or loop animation; 04_Complex URLs; 05_Orphan pages; 06_Long scroll navigate page; 07_Lac Material Unique collections/materials—potential value [list or refer] Unique Links other sites? Online reference sources accessible? [list most valuable ones] Rating Scale: 1= not return 2= likely no return 3= good may return 4= very good 5= great Used for Exercise: e.g. 2, Main Subject: Preservation, Access, etc. to be used
a 1875 Town of Walnut Hill Considered the best agricultural museum - good background on-line HIS 3 post-Civil War community on the Iowa frontier. http://www. Yes with some pictures 3
The major interpretive theme of the town is
the interdependence between farmers and the craftsmen and merchants

A day in the Life of Thomas Jefferson Good Educational Site or if need to review basic Bio nfo. Moved from previous "Day in the life" to "Jefferson" HIS 3 brief Biography , timeline physical description, links http://www.

A Research Roadmap for Your Topic, Very good presentation of the reasons/importance of Primary sources where are possible sites HIS 3 Online Resources from the National Archives and Records Administration
Y 4
Just full text of the basic document
Abraham Lincoln - Assassination Page from Roger Norton Good on-line source Especially for Students and sr. hobbyists, trial testimony and pictures HIS 3 summary of the Lincoln Assassination. Eyewitness Account of the Chase and Capture of John Wilkes Booth. links gathered and created by Roger Norton.
The Military Commission
The 1865 Conspiracy Trial

Academic Info:Native Americans Studies: Digital Library [Edit Good example of a simple portal site by a non-profit with specific subject. May suggest another after viewing links. Seems like one long page HIS 4 Subtitled An Annotated Directory of Internet Resources. includes:Meta-Indexes, General Collections, Legal Materials, Speeches & Articles, Databases & Projects, Image Galleries, Online Exhibits Multiple for subject Links to some full text- - 4+
Beware if you like history and story telling can get caught reading the speeches and stories -):
African American Resources at the Smithsonian On-line brochure -Takes very long to load but it is great overview, narrative and pictures of what is available on subject in various museums associated with Smithsonian HIS 3 long load time for brochure programs related to African
and African American issues and resources.
http://www. yes brochure 4

Any Day in History Quick look of interesting facts for any day HIS 3
http://www. y just highlights 4

Archives Library Information Center of National Archives and Records Administration See Subject matter HIS 3 Limited subject matter archival administration, administrative history, American history and government, biography, information management, and government documents
3+ Prologue: Quarterly of the National Archives and Records Administration
Autobiography: Full text of Autobiography - I had read the multi volume set by others -Want to revisit this "Autobiography" HIS 3 full Text of TJ Autobiography http://www. y 4

BBC Education - 20CVox
Twentieth Century Vox provides listeners with a . The clips . HIS DIS 4 using real audio can listen short montages (4 - 5 minutes long) giving a human perspective on how
events and development shaped daily live
colorful and representative archive of oral history
Benjamin Franklin:
Autobiography: Great on line -First by chapter and makes load easy. Good example of solution for long UNICEF docs. Simple Directory with 41 chapter of a few pages each. HIS 3+ auto biog on line - sample of many others at same site http://www. y 4

California Heritage collection Good Presentation - Limited use HIS 3 California History, U.S. History, the Great Depression, Mexican
Independence Day, Primary Sources, Archives, Social Studies, Chinese-Americans,
Ethnic Studies, Migration
On-liine resource of Nat'l /archives Yes: to Lesson Plands Competencies and Standards 3

Center for American History's Website Appears to be finding aids for material in various formats some photos with text in exhibits category HIS 4 Texas, Texans, and the Alamo http://www.

Center for Documentary Studies Could have simpler first page. Long Scrolling Text."About file" comes up first. Duke U. HIS 3 use photography, oral history, film, and narrative writing to bring to light stories of lives and events that they find relevant to larger community, historical, and cultural questions http://www. y 3
independent nonprofit organization affiliated with Duke
University in the USA.

Christian Science Monitor - Black History Project Very Well presented, Text and some audio. HIS 4 diverse multimedia experience, which captures the essence
of people of African origin from around the world
http://www. Y & with some audio 4
A .
CIA Electronic Document Release Centre Dark background, slow load number of pictures on first site HIS 3 Part of FOI Project, Includes Annual Report of Historical Review Program CIA http://www.

Commonly Requested Federal Services Excellent Portal Site HIS/GOV
-Social Security, Veterans,
Pensions... Student Aid, Fellowships, Grants..Medicare, Medicaid, Aging, AIDS.. Space, Copyrights, Passports, Travel Warnings.
multiple n 4
Fraud, Auto Recall...Taxes, Jobs, Military. Residential, Commercial, and
Vehicles.. Postal Service...
Housing Information. ..
One Stop Business Link to

Consider the Source: Historical Records in the Classroom. Teaching Resources and trying to address common questions A Publication of the NYS Archives and Records Administration, HIS 3 issues of Teachers Find Historical Records & Historical Records Enhance Learning and Skills Development, bit maps of sample doc Sample record plains Sample record plans 3
What are Historical Records? Why Do Teachers Use Historical Records? How Do Historical Records Fit into the Classroom?
Conversations with History - Looks to be interesting interviews, But very slow to respond on two occasions- Would check back but low priority HIS 3 distinguished men and women from all over the world talk
about their lives and their work, in unedited text and video formats
http://www. Y 2

Digital Libraries project for Virginia Tech interesting to have access to specific journals online HIS 3+ Full site search Journals Published by Scholarly Communications Project

Duke University Special Collections Library Collections of Documents on history can be found at this site. HIS 3

DWIGHT D. EISENHOWER LIBRARY Slow load of first site picture - But elegant and direct pointer to site index HIS UPL 3 Oral history Transcript files http://www. y 4
200 SE 4th Street Abilene, KS 67410-2900
PHONE: 785-263-4751
FAX: 785-263-4218 EMAIL: Museum Hours:

Florida International University Digital Library Error in Cgi when trying to view picture. On second attempt acces to site a few days later -not possible. HIS 2 Browse by subject History Image Sound Video Text http://www.

FRANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT LIBRARY & Digital Archives Good Presentation of material with Thumbnail pictures. Good Choice of Themes to highlight collection HIS UPL 3 10, 000 Digitized Documents including German diplomatic, http://www. Y 4
511 Albany Post Road Hyde Park, NY 12538-1999 PHONE: 914-229-8114 FAX: 914-229-0872 EMAIL: library@roosevelt Museum Hours
Free Speech Movement: Student Protest Limited Time Period But good context presentation with related links. Simple first screen HIS 4 U.C. Berkeley, 1964-65 Searchable transcripts of oral history interviews about the American Free Speech movement. http://www. 4 3

GEORGE BUSH LIBRARY Items organized by year with plans to expand categories HIS UPL 3 38,000,000 pages of official and personal
papers, 1,000,000 photographs, 2,500 hours of videotape, and 70,000 museum objects
http://www. Y 3
1000 George Bush Drive West College Station, TX 77845 PHONE: 409-260-9554
FAX: 409-260-9557
Museum Hours:

GERALD R. FORD LIBRARY Relatively small collection compared to some o other pre sites, Some good on-line exhibits HIS UPL 3 Featured papers: Nt'l Security Council Minutes, Speeches by date etc. http://www. Y 2
1000 Beal Avenue Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2114 PHONE: 734-741-2218FAX: 734-741-2341 EMAIL:
GERALD R. FORD MUSEUM Site is same for Library and Museum thought are in two different Physical locations HIS UPL 3
303 Pearl Street, NWGrand Rapids, MI 49504-5353 PHONE: 616-451-9263 FAX: 616-451-9570

Great Speeches from History Has full text but last update for speech of week was Dec 1998 at height of impeachment scandal HIS 3 Has speech of the week, on-line historical speeches , Abe Lincoln , Vietnam etc. http://www. y 3
- from The History Place.
H-Oralhist HOME PAGE Good presentation. Also analysis of approach to oral hist subject. HIS 3 network for scholars and professionals active in studies
related to oral history. The History of Oral History.
http://www. y 3

HARRY S. TRUMAN LIBRARY Simple interface. With whimsical search using "Harry's glasses

HIS UPL 3 Photos, Docs, WW years etc. http://www.
500 West U.S. Highway 24 Independence, MO 64050-1798
PHONE: 816-833-1400 FAX: 816-833-4368EMAIL: Museum Hours

HERBERT HOOVER LIBRARY Mostly File lists and finding aides - maybe this reflects the conservative nature of the former president.:-) HIS UPL 3 Under :Research section Collections: Papers & Photos broken into sub groups pa" http://www.
210 Parkside Drive
P.O. Box 488
West Branch, IA 52358-0488 TX 78705-5702 PHONE: 319-643-5301
FAX: 319-643-5825
Museum Hours

Historic Audio Archive Great "Rogues and heroes" HIS 3 Real Audio files of Richard Nixon, JFK, Martin Luther King Jr and others "Nixons Greatest Hits" http://www. y 4

JIMMY CARTER LIBRARY Starts on first page with "Documents and Photos on the Web" tells how to get on line access and search related. HIS UPL 4 83 multi page Docs are selected for highlighting via NAIL, Speeches available from this site http://www. y 4
441 Freedom Parkway
Atlanta, GA 30307-1498
PHONE: 404-331-3942
FAX: 404-730-2215
Museum Hours:

JOHN F. KENNEDY LIBRARY Clean intro site -Grea tinfo on -line HIS UPL 3 slow load of pictures on-line exhibit, Speeches, sound files , pictures and Docs etc. on-line developed from the ready reference book of Lib staff. http://www. y 4
Columbia Point
Boston, MA 02125-3398PHONE: 617-929-4500 FAX: 617-929-4538 EMAIL: Museum Hours: 9 am

Library of Congress Resources Available Online Good portal to the collections including drafts etc. of Gettysgurg Address. HIS 3 portal to American Memory, Exhibitions, Thiomas, American Treasures of LOC. multiple y under collections 4
Only known photo fo Lincoln at Gettysburg
Links to the Past (National Park Service) Slow load first screen - Where are the documents? Has a text version but banner come sup late HIS 2 Parks and History Maritime, Archeology, Civil War, Historical places and Structures, Peoples and Cultures http://www. y 3

LYNDON B. JOHNSON LIBRARY Simple Presentation with cartoon on entry but did not take long to load. HIS UPL 3 Photo, Telephone, Oral History, Biographies recordings in adobe Acrobat format for transcript interviews http://www. y 3
2313 Red River Streetstin, TX 78705-5702 916-5137
FAX: 512-916-5171
Museum Hours

Making of America primary sources in American social history from the antebellum period through reconstruction. HIS 3 on-line 634,068 pages African Slave trade, Poems of Grace Greenwood, History of New-England Emigrant Aid Co. http://www. y 3
The collection is particularly strong in the subject areas of education, psychology, American history, sociology, religion, and science and technology.
National Geographic Pub index subject indexing to Magazines, Books, and Films and Videos produced by the Society. HIS 3 long process to obtain what needed subject indexing to Magazines, Books, and Films and Videos produced by the Society. http://www. y 3
not sure of doc delivery. Says can print. But mine didn't. I think just citation
National Museum of Women's History Very interesting Home page. Using corner of HOME and MAP. However second banner does not take direct to collections HIS 3 The NMWH is dedicated to preserving, displaying, interpreting, and celebrating the historic contributions of women. http://www. y 4
can walk through exhibit or more indepth doc coverage
Native Americans:
Oneida Nation: limited but good collection some on-line HIS 3 Brief History , the nation next door http://www. Y 3

Navy Oral History Collection - Great material for those with interest in or served in Navy or Merchant Marine HIS 3 providing naval, coast guard, and merchant marine stories, biographies, photographs,
and documents.
http://www. Y 4
Includes Exec. Ofice memorandum and links
New Deal Network Best multimedia Project, American Association of History and Computing, 1999. Subject limited but includes some full text and links education project-using site. HIS 4+ Photo Gallery Documents Classroom Online Resourcesand bibliographical materials Lesson plans, Web projects, . yes 4+
Resources on FDR and the Great Depression, Picture Photo Gallery> Over 4000 Images.
NIXON PRESIDENTIAL MATERIALS STAFF Starts with talk about Nixon Staff - doesn't seem to be much on line HIS UPL 3 mostly list of docs available http://www. yes 3
National Archives at College Park 8601 Adelphi Road College Park, MD 20740-6001 PHONE: 301-713-6950 FAX: 301-713-6916

NY Daily News Photo Archive http:/ Too dark Background, query by caption, file name and partial text. HIS 3 Photos on a regular basis http://www. yes descriptions only 3

Online Resources from the National Archives and Records Administration Useful for specific inquires related to source material from us Gov. HIS 3 Very good guide to Finding records in the National Archives of the United States by record group e.g. Senate, House of Representatives On Line Exhibits and Presedtial Libraries y 4

online, the Vermont Historical Society web site. Historical Topics: includes archaeology, Civil War, historic preservation, etc. HIS Q4uite good collects artifacts and documents that reflect the entire history of the state,
every geographical area, and every chronological period. preserve history makes Vermont special place live, work, and visit
Vermont archival repositories, etc. Yes 3
Sites especially for educators; Vermont Museums, local historical societies, Genealogy.some war letters and underground railroad
Open University Family and Community History Home Page Some interest - seems if on CD- Could eventually be on WWW access. HIS 3 3 courses for active or would-be researchers in Family and Community History. Material gathered via past classes http://www. Y but mst on CD-rom

Oral History Association Portals to links and publications Excerpts of some publications trying to sell HIS 3 Oral History Evaluation Guidelines including Principals and Standards
n 3

Oral History Internet Resources (Michigan Oral History Association) NOW see H-ORALhisat HIS 1 Methods, Centers and Projects http://www. n 3

Oral History Links (University of Hawaii at Manoa) OK Portal - not to much additional HIS
portal http://www.

Oral History Project for Adult Education Classes Good sample of approach to Oral History could be developed with material as a template to get history of various organizations. What is a minimal set of information to collect? HIS DIS 3 Lessons and Resources for Oral History with samples http://www. y 4
from New Bedford Division of Adult/Continuing Education New Bedford, MA 02740
Oral History Society Home Page Oral History Society Home Page - good intro with quote and "what is Oral History" Slow load on Journal HIS 3 Journal published twice a year http://www. n 3
dedicated to the collection and preservation of oral history
Perseus Project Slow Loading First page with Picture graphic HIS 3 After first load easy access with good graphics library's catalogs document 523 coins, 1548 vases, over 1400 sculptures, 179 sites and 381 buildings. Each catalog entry has a description of the object and its context; most have images. This web site currently publishes over 33,000 pictures! second Sources, YES 4
Art & Archaeology
Texts & Translations
Text Tools & Lexica links to Greek Art and Languageetc.

Philadelphia Historical Digital Image Library Very slow load for first page, some interesting photographs HIS 3 3,000 Images, Photographs and art work http://www.
See use reproduction statement
Presidential Libraries System Portal Site guide to The Presidential Libraries System, made up of 10 presidential libraries and One presidential projects. repositories for preserving and making available the papers,
records, and other historical materials of U.S. Presidents since Herbert Hoover
HIS UPL 3 Each library offers a variety of public programs
and works with educators to foster the use of primary source material by students. y most have some text 4
Good overview of Relationshjip of Individual Libraries to NARA, Holdings and programmes for the 9 Libraries
Primary Sources and Activities - National Archives and Records Administration, Good educational site also links to national history standards and National Standards for Civics in Government HIS 4 Constitution Day and Lessons, Fight for equal Rights, Black soldiers in civil War with Photos, Lincoln , Roosevelt etc. Teaching Docs y 4
National Archives and Records Administration, History in the Raw, was recommeneded at but not avialable the parent site was
Primary Sources Network: Oral Histories Should revisit with any interest Oral History Project people. HIS 3 How to Conduct an Oral History Interview; Examples of Good and Bad Techniques; Oral History Internet Resources; Selected Bibliography
y 3
Links to Oral History Internet Resources, Associations , Projects and Collections
RONALD REAGAN LIBRARY Moving Icons on entry, but does not take along time to load. BIOS and Photo on-line. Docs you can order later. The "image man" HIS UPL 3 Major Speeches, Photos and Biographies Photos available on Line and Biographical sketch http://www. n 3
40 Presidential Drive Simi Valley, CA 93065-0600PHONE: 800-410-8354 FAX: 805-522-9621 EMAIL: Museum Hours:
Rutgers Oral History Archives of World War II Slow Load of Photo on first entry HIS 3 Interview in recent past http://www. y 3

Schools for the New Millennium: Community in History To be revisited for oral story project - good links and samples of approach HIS-ORL, DIS 3 links to Notes on Oral History in the Classroom. How Oral History can be an interdisciplinary link to many subject areas, integrating various courses in a project y 3
Workshop on the Web: Introduction to Oral History Baylor University Institute for Oral

A very good guide to the nuts and bolts of oral history.

Site for the Journal of History and Computing Just being started - HIS 2 Archive of last two years http://www. Yes 3

Smithsonian Institution Wohooo. Elegant presentation and great content HIS 5 Pictures attached to some journal articles & Smithsonian Photographs on line Interactive web site : Kids Castle Y 5
excellent example of the use of the million dollar space on first page; Current issues of some Journals, Research Reports Series
Social Security Administration Oral Histories - s. Disclaimer on First page -Very simple approach. Slow loading picture when load interview. But includes Sound clip & Photos. Good Format HIS 4 oral history transcripts and archive Old and New collections http://www. y 5

Teaching Resources on the Web good portal to outside but also to full text inside Georgetown Virtual Library HIS 3 American studies Virtual Library at Georgetown http://www. y 4

The African-American Mosaic A Library of Congress Resource Guide the Study of Black History and Culture Pictures and text highlighting the various collections HIS 3 Colonization, Liberia, Personal Stories and ACS New Directions, Abolition, Influence of Prominent Abolitionists, Conflict of Abolition and Slavery, Migration, Western Migration and Homesteading, http://www. yes Picture & text images 4
Nicodemus, Kansas , Chicago: Destination for the Great Migration, WPA, Cavalcade of the American Negro , Authors and the Federal Writers' Project , Ex-slave Narratives,
The American Philosophical Society Some on-line of recent issuance's describing the collections HIS 3 Mostly on-line descriptions of the Guides to the collections http://www. y 3

The American Radicalism Collection Small Attractive Collection, Interesting how covered the copyright issue His 3 Specialized collection believed to be in public domain http://www. Yes 3
Black Panthers,
Japanese Americans,
American Radicalism

The Avalon Project at the Yale Law School Simple interface. Unique information related to diplomatic HIS UN 4 Documents in Law, History and Diplomacy http://www. YES Treaties 4

The LibertyOnline Thomas Paine Library Revisit for use with History American Rev - also nte how full text is presented similar to FTP site. Page was not found but then upper right corner gave full text? HIS 3 online library of Thomas Paines works. http://www.

The White House Virtual Library Good Site Search by key word HIS GOV 4 Easy to Navigate Press Briefings & Radio Addresses - some audio http://www. Yes 5
Note use of PDI Persistent Document Identifiers (PDI)
Thomas,9 Excellent source of US docs HIS GOV 4 Legislation, Congressional Record, and Committee Information y 4

UN Dag Hammarskjold Library Simple first screen and others have been redone to reflect this approach HIS 4+ UN documentation Research guide; maps including some peacekeeping, Consolidated Lib ref. Guide for UN list of Depository Libraries, System Y 4+
Link between maps and Full text describing Mission
UN Pictorial History Good source - but online-seems to only have one picture for each time period in beginning years. Then nothing since 1996?d Hits UN 3 slow loading Gif format 2000, Photo Some back to 1945 - good source for site http://www.
50.charge payable to UN for each UN photo used in publication whether obtained form Photo Lib or downloaded? Different scale for non-profits?
University of Virginia Special Collections Ð Family Papers - Jefferson First Screen opens with "electronic Text Center" thousands of SGML coded leech text & Images HIS 3 Electronic Texts by or to Jefferson
(More than 1,700 items, including some color manuscript images)
http://www. y 3

US State and Local Gateway Well Organized HIS/GOV 3 Note Reference page Bookshelves. Y mostvia portal to other site 4

Vermont History on the Web Portal Site - good for what it was HIS 3 Straight forward list

No = Portal site 3

Victorian Women's Writers Project Interesting copyright statement(c) 1997, LIB DIS HIS 3 transcriptions of works by British women writers of the 19th century, anthologies, novels, political pamphlets, religious tracts, children's books, volumes of poetry, verse, drama. http://www. y 5
Indiana Univ claim copyright only to original contributions made by the Victorian Women Writers Project participants and other members of the university community. Indiana University makes no claim of copyright to the original text.Encoded using the Standard Generalized Markup Language (SGML).
Wills on the Web Has Celebrities and ordinary people. Interesting last update Nov 1999 HIS 4 -didn't see way to search maybe only browse Benjamin Franklin to
Princess Diana dispensed with their worldly possession
http://www. y 4

World History Archives Simple approach. Worth revisiting for use HIS yes good browse teaching World history from working class perspective http://www.

A huge repository for documents for teaching and
understanding contemporary world history.