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Sunil Slides

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AAA Sunil Slides by Shraddha gif, jpg & pcx  format        
IMG0001 Sunil looking front with tie outside near tree. looking beyond glowing. jpg = 48 kb gif = 101 kb pcx = 1,069 kb  
 IMG0002 Sunil being interviewed for TV coverage International swim waters edge jpg gif pcx  
 IMG0003  drying off after international swim and standing together as per tv crew request. jpg gif pcx  
 IMG0004  international swim sign water edge 3 swimmers. jpg gif pcx  
IMG0005 sunil exiting water waves in background. jpg  gif pcx  
IMG0006  pre or post swim fun photo sunil. jpg gif pcx  
IMG0007  international swim for peace spanish dom republic. jpg gif pcx  
IMG0008 med before international swim start Caribbean. jpg  gif pcx  
IMG0009  meditating before swim start with local support crew st john to st thomas jpg gif pcx  
 IMG0010 international swim being interviewed after St John to St Thomas. jpg .gif pcx  
 IMG0011 international year after swim st john to st thomas jpg gif pcx  
IMG0012  int yr swim sign long wharf south usa close up . jpg gif pcx  
IMG0013  yr swim wharf TV camera med start. jpg .gif    
IMG0014  intl yr swim eng and spanish signs waves background. jpg gif    
 IMG0015 Sunil stand with some Dover beach buddies after English Channel train. jpg gif    
 IMG0016 after train Dover English channel friends and swimmers Dover harbour beach. jpg gif    
IMG0017 Sunil on Boat in Channel relay attempt 1985 .jpg .gif    
IMG0018  Sunil with UNICEF shirt at Dover castle with post swim relay team overlooking harbour. jpg gif    
IMG0019 Sunil long stroke reach swim ocean sky light English channel. jpg gif    
IMG0020 Sunil in front of tree - blue coat - sunglasses .jpg gif    
IMG0021 Sunil with climbing friends and gear .jpg .gif    
IMG0022 Sunil  plus 3  Hills in background. jpg gif    
IMG0023  Sunil ascending red coat and hat roped snow slope rest. jpg gif    
IMG0024   Sunil close up red eagle hat coat sun glasses .jpg .gif    
IMG0025  Sunil mountain background 2 poles. jpg gif    
IMG0026  Sunil side of rock face looking down roped to top .jpg gif    
 IMG0027  Sunil near top steep back. jpg gif    
IMG0028  Sunil resting looking up before rock climb .jpg gif    
 IMG0029 Sunil ascending side steep far hills background. jpg .gif    
 IMG0030 Sunil side of rock face looking up for hand hold - land hills in background. jpg gif    
IMG0031  Sunil side of rock out over . jpg gif    
 IMG0032 Sunil  climbing side rock with light stream roped in. jpg .gif    
 IMG0033 Sunil and Shraddha resting on ledge with rope smiling looking up. jpg gif    
 IMG0034   Sunil and Shraddha resting on ledge with rope smiling looking up zoom out. jpg gif    
IMG0035 the silent profundity of a Mountain Shraddha Sunil looking out.jpg   gif    
 IMG0036 Sunil after climb head and shoulders. jpg   .gif    
 IMG0037  Sunil front of wall - hands out whimsical. jpg   gif    
  IMG0038 Sunil on rock face -rope -look up into camera - ground far below. jpg   gif    
IMG0039   Sunil rock face  - blue shirt - look up.jpg   .gif    
 IMG0040  Sunil Shraddha top rock ropes view.jpg   gif    
 IMG0041  Sunil rock face look down blue shirt.jpg   gif    
  After-fun-run-Sunil-with UNICEF-staff.   .gif   jpg
  sunil perfect gentleman - words-music 11 mar 2002   gif   .tif
  Our Dear Sunil - Unicef song words used for prasad htm gif   .doc



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