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A Name of web site AA URL/ Address Evaluation Notes or comments SUBJECT Abr.: INT= Internet; HIS= History; HEA= Health, Athletics, Preventative Care, Exercise; DIS= Distance Education & Learning/Training; COM= Community Participation & Governance; DEV= Individual Development, Recreational, Spiritual UN = United Nations Agencies Prog & Funds UPL = USA Presidential Libraries AA INT UN LIB HIS HEA DIS COM DEV UPL or-H Ease navigate. Avoid Top 10 Mistake: 01_Frames -Over use; 02_Bleed edge tech; 03_Scroll text or loop animation; 04_Complex URLs; Material Unique collections/materials—potential value [list or refer] ----- --------<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<05_Orphan pages; 06_Long scroll navigate page; 07_Lac Navigation support, 08_Non-standard link colors; 09_Outdated info; 10_Slow Unique Links other sites?<<<<<<<<<download times; for further definition of 10 mistakes see Online reference sources accessible? [list most valuable ones] Rating Scale: 1= not return 2= likely no return 3= good may return 4= very good 5= great Used for Exercise: e.g. 2, Main Subject: Preservation, Access, etc. to be used
Alternative Religions Portal Site Simple portal see link to Churches and interdenominational DEV 4 Points to Churches Take a Corner - Interdenominational organization devoted to addressing
substance abuse issues through community action. no portal 3

Religion in the Workplace Good limited site - as per subject - interesting thoughts on harassment and how to protect against it DEV 3 Advice http://www. y some 3

Spiritual Needs - Death and Dying Net Links Excellent portal as per title DEV 4 Links to sites that offer information on meeting the spiritual needs of the dying. http://www. n 3

Substance Abuse Site Good Portal site with connections to related DEV 4 Yes but as portal, see also Spiritual Resources link No just links 3+

Mining Company's Philosophy page Good portal DEV 3 Guide takes you through all
aspects of Philosophy on the web.
quotation index: y via link to quotation index etc. 4

Emerson,Ralph Waldo Good limited site with quotes form works DEV 3 Works & Quotes http://www. Yes 3

Virtual Religion index from Rutgers University Simple Design use on Front page to update Academic Sites ] DIS & Dev 3Yes review again [ Buddhist Studies ] [ Christian Tradition ] [ Comparative Religion ] [ Confessional Agencies ] [ East Asian Studies ] [ Ethics & Moral Values ] [ Greco-Roman Studies ] [ Hindu Studies ]
[ Islamic Studies ] [ Jewish Studies ]
Religion etc. [ American Studies ] [ Ancient Near East ] [ Anthropology & Sociology Biblical Studies ] [ Philosophy & Theology ] [ Psychology of Religion