Name URL Evaluation SubjSsort Ease UnqMaterial UnqLink Fultext? R1-5 ClassREf Subject& Notes Field13
A Name of web site AA URL/ Address Evaluation Notes or comments SUBJECT Abr.: INT= Internet; HIS= History; HEA= Health, Athletics, Preventative Care, Exercise; DIS= Distance Education & Learning/Training; COM= Community Participation & Governance; DEV= Individual Development, Recreational, Spiritual UN = United Nations Agencies Prog & Funds UPL = USA Presidential Libraries AA INT UN LIB HIS HEA DIS COM DEV UPL or-H Ease navigate. Avoid Top 10 Mistake: 01_Frames -Over use; 02_Bleed edge tech; 03_Scroll text or loop animation; 04_Complex URLs; Material Unique collections/materials—potential value [list or refer] ----- --------<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<05_Orphan pages; 06_Long scroll navigate page; 07_Lac Navigation support, 08_Non-standard link colors; 09_Outdated info; 10_Slow Unique Links other sites?<<<<<<<<<download times; for further definition of 10 mistakes see Online reference sources accessible? [list most valuable ones] Rating Scale: 1= not return 2= likely no return 3= good may return 4= very good 5= great Used for Exercise: e.g. 2, Main Subject: Preservation, Access, etc. to be used
Archives: Elec. Civil Liberties Library Best site on all issues related to eff etc. LIB, INT-GOV 3 Had an index search + by major topics: Index Search of the Entire Archive & Major Archive Online Legal Issues & Cases, Legislation & Regulation, Net Culture & Online Community, Net Info & Resources y 3
Misc. Civil Liberties Issues Information Infrastructure Global & Non-U.S., and U.S. State & Local Issues
Organizations Supporting the Online Community Intellectual Property
Topics: Activism & Govt. Computers & Academic Freedom Censorship & Free Expression
Best Practices Community participation and Urban Governance: To revisit with links when site back up COM UN 3 difficulty getting open pages on various attempt Examples of Community participation in various countries http://www. YES 3

Blue ribbon campaign for freedom of Expression SEE Class notes & exercise INT-GOV 3 Regional Campaigns for On-line freedom of expression: Australia, Bulgaria, Canada , P.R. of China , Portugal, USA


Center for Civic Networking note the Civic Dialog and participation see GOV 3 information infrastructure & brad public good, local communities , delivery of Gov. service and access to Inf.. Dialog & Participations Yes Journal of Journal of Municipal Telecommunications, 3
wants informed citizens see link to Neighborhoods on line .see ww.libertynetorg/nol/natl.html.
Corporate Governance Links news and investors and theory of good governance GOV 3 Interesting intro. to who does site Yes book reviews 3

EFF Online Advocacy Organization Resource Page SEE Class notes & exercise INT-GOV 3 se class notes


EFF, the Electronic Frontier Foundation SEE Class notes & exercise INT-GOV 2 is a non-profit, non-partisan organization working in the public interest to protect fundamental civil liberties, including privacy and freedom of expression

3 Collections in the arts and the Humanities Well designed COM & LIB 3 Cultural Logic and Community Literacy Center Various including : Yes 5

Join the Electronic Frontier Foundation SEE Class notes & exercise INT-GOV 3 respected voice for the rights of users of online technologies, form for joining basic = $35.00 advocate = $65


Neighborhoods Online: National Good information and example of network. Slow loading of some data GOV 3 Democracy, Organization Public Health, good data source, census, housing, schools, jobs etc. http://www. y 4
Data sources om US Census Bureau
One Creation, One People, One Place Interesting building of "interreligious Sustainability Project" GOV 3 interreligious approach to Community Development linking city to farms and various communities in city -Chicago based http://www.
Center for Neighborhood Technology Chicago
Partners in Civil Society of use to Non-Gov't org needing overview and access to current statements etc. COM un 3+ how UN system works with Non-Governmental Organizations Key docs , model un etc NGO's and ECOSOC y 3

Policy on Public Interest Principles For Online Filtration, Ratings And Labeling Systems. SEE Class notes & exercise INT-GOV 3

y 3

Statement on Internet Filtering American Library Association/Intellectual Freedom Committee see Class notes & exercise INT-GOV 2. Professional Considerations. Go to your local public library and get a copy of their documentation concerning use of the Internet on filtering? . Use the ALA statement on Internet Filtering to determine if the library is in compliance.
y 3
American Library Association (1999).: July 1, 1997. This is Exercise entitled: ALA is due on November 2, 1999.
The Digital Future Coalition SEE Class notes & exercise LIB-GOV int 3 Good on latest laws related to copyright, database, on-line etc.
y 3

The foundation Center Grantmaker Information directory comprises three broad categories COM 3 : highlights and excerpts from the Center’s research on foundation giving; and a range of informational materials produced by individual foundations links, direct and annotated, to nearly 900 Grantmaker Web sites ;some 3
Might be good in order to get special funding for
UN Correspondents Association Contact information present straight forward COM 3 Contacts for People at the UN or wishing to contact with e-mail addresses seems to be quite current addresses. Permanent Missions Press offices

z AP-Associated Press Recent Press releases COM-Media 3 Recent Press releases on-line and photos for checking how others use http://www. y 3

z BBC-British Broadcasting Corporation Good source of material to compare Search on Radio, TV text only COM-Media 3 News site http://www. y 3

z Christian Science Monitor Good use of thumb nail picture when click get text story in another frame. Best organized -not to "busy" first screen COM-Media 3

z CNN-Cable News Network International Presence COM-Media
News Site - Multi media with archives news site Y 3

z New York Times on the web Good current events - site similar to format of newspaper with Table of Contents etc. COM-Media 3 for current a little more difficult for older stories News updates http://www. y 3

z Reuters Too busy first screen COM-Media 3 AlertNet & the "Business of Information" http://www. y 3

z TASS-Russian News Agency slow loading first screen, need password COM-Media 2 "resource now available to anyone who is interested within and outside Russia" Latest News and Photo s http://www. ? 2

z The Washington Post Good presentation COM-Media 3 form for searching on first page of Archives section News Items, Photos, Archives http://www. y 3
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