Name URL Evaluation SubjSsort Ease UnqMaterial UnqLink Fultext? R1-5 ClassREf Subject& Notes Field13
A Name of web site AA URL/ Address Evaluation Notes or comments SUBJECT Abr.: INT= Internet; HIS= History; HEA= Health, Athletics, Preventative Care, Exercise; DIS= Distance Education & Learning/Training; COM= Community Participation & Governance; DEV= Individual Development, Recreational, Spiritual UN = United Nations Agencies Prog & Funds UPL = USA Presidential Libraries AA INT UN LIB HIS HEA DIS COM DEV UPL or-H Ease navigate. Avoid Top 10 Mistake: 01_Frames -Over use; 02_Bleed edge tech; 03_Scroll text or loop animation; 04_Complex URLs; Material Unique collections/materials—potential value [list or refer] ----- --------<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<05_Orphan pages; 06_Long scroll navigate page; 07_Lac Navigation support, 08_Non-standard link colors; 09_Outdated info; 10_Slow Unique Links other sites?<<<<<<<<<download times; for further definition of 10 mistakes see Online reference sources accessible? [list most valuable ones] Rating Scale: 1= not return 2= likely no return 3= good may return 4= very good 5= great Used for Exercise: e.g. 2, Main Subject: Preservation, Access, etc. to be used
Partners in Civil Society of use to Non-Gov't org needing overview and access to current statements etc. COM un 3+ how UN system works with Non-Governmental Organizations Key docs , model un etc NGO's and ECOSOC y 3

Best Practices Community participation and Urban Governance: To revisit with links when site back up COM UN 3 difficulty getting open pages on various attempt Examples of Community participation in various countries http://www. YES 3

The Avalon Project at the Yale Law School Simple interface. Unique information related to diplomatic HIS UN 4 Documents in Law, History and Diplomacy http://www. YES Treaties 4

UN Pictorial History Good source - but online-seems to only have one picture for each time period in beginning years. Then nothing since 1996?d Hits UN 3 slow loading Gif format 2000, Photo Some back to 1945 - good source for site http://www.
50.charge payable to UN for each UN photo used in publication whether obtained form Photo Lib or downloaded? Different scale for non-profits?
UN Dag Hammarskjold Library Simple first screen and others have been redone to reflect this approach LIB UN 4+ UN documentation Research guide; maps including some peacekeeping Consolidated Lib ref. Guide for UN list of Depository Libraries, System Link between maps and Full text describing Mission 4+

UN Scholar's Workstation Simple Approach and good Portal approach to UN related finding aides and Databases, Numeric Data, Maps
Recent Publications
Archival Resources and Finding Aids
UN 4 texts, finding aids, data sets,
maps, and pointers to print and electronic information
Research Tools Y 4
disarmament, economic and social development, environment, human rights, international
relations, international trade, peacekeeping, and population and demography

ReliefWeb project Excellent source of maps and Full Text of Situation Reports UN 3 Maps http://www. Y 4
ReliefWeb is a project of the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA).
Depository Library System, Inf. useful for researchers in various parts of world UN 3 News updates and Principals governing Dep. Libraries http://www.
Depository Library System, Dag Hammerskjöld Library, United Nations (New York)
Describes the Depository Library System and provides a link to the List of Depository Libraries Receiving UN Materials
organized by country.

Dag Hammerskjöld Library (DHL), United Nations (New York) Most only available to UN community UN 3 Elec. Resources UN Sites around the world MAP

links also to Model UN's, Art Gallery Catalogue and links to UNA world. http://www.

FLAG TAG Picture o all the official flags which I assume could be copied an used as y UN 3 Can be slow as go through site Countries basic inf. on populations etc. with the flag http://www.

United nations Official Documents OK compared to what existed before, when there was little on line. Hopefully to be re-done in two years with general public access supported. UN 3 Access restriction from outside UN - Hopefully lifted within 2 years General Assembly docs back to 1995? Some of Agencies like UNICEF under symbol E/ICEF http://www. Y 4

Library of the United Nations Office at Geneva good Presentation & /Site Map UN 3 Slow load pictures, English & French Picture Gallery, History on line of League http://www. y 4
Good Status evaluation
United Nations Cyber School Bus , a virtual guide to the UN and more. See also Model UN Discussion Area UN DIS 3 information on global trends and UN Member States. Country & city profiles, statistics, photographs Yes via links 4
Peace, Countries, Projects for School children and ideas for others
Info Nation Good portal and basic data With Cyber School Bus Resources UN DIS 3 some trouble with URL for inf. nation. Go to parent site and click through data for the Member States of the United Nations. Yes some data on countries 3