Name URL Evaluation SubjSsort Ease UnqMaterial UnqLink Fultext? R1-5 ClassREf Subject& Notes Field13
A Name of web site AA URL/ Address Evaluation Notes or comments SUBJECT Abr.: INT= Internet; HIS= History; HEA= Health, Athletics, Preventative Care, Exercise; DIS= Distance Education & Learning/Training; COM= Community Participation & Governance; DEV= Individual Development, Recreational, Spiritual UN = United Nations Agencies Prog & Funds UPL = USA Presidential Libraries AA INT UN LIB HIS HEA DIS COM DEV UPL or-H Ease navigate. Avoid Top 10 Mistake: 01_Frames -Over use; 02_Bleed edge tech; 03_Scroll text or loop animation; 04_Complex URLs; Material Unique collections/materials—potential value [list or refer] ----- --------<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<05_Orphan pages; 06_Long scroll navigate page; 07_Lac Navigation support, 08_Non-standard link colors; 09_Outdated info; 10_Slow Unique Links other sites?<<<<<<<<<download times; for further definition of 10 mistakes see Online reference sources accessible? [list most valuable ones] Rating Scale: 1= not return 2= likely no return 3= good may return 4= very good 5= great Used for Exercise: e.g. 2, Main Subject: Preservation, Access, etc. to be used
Academic listing :use religion under Good portal DIS & LIB & 3 Societies for study of Religion, Libraries Collection http://www.

Accrediting Agencies Good list Nat’l & region - short but gives scope of recognition or some on list DIS 4 United States Department of Education Council of Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) Regional Agencies to accreditation agencies just short description 3 Newsgroup FAQs (part 1 of 4) Good indication of which areas have growth of using the Internet for distance education and discussions of accreditation etc. DIS 3 distance learning, also known as Distance education, or non-traditional education.
y 3

Andover-Harvard Theological Library lists of websites grouped by broad areas . See also on-line exhibits for sample presentation DIS 3 scripture, medieval studies, Christianity & western religion, & non-western religions. Links to other libraries on the WWW Y see exhibits 3

Babel Fish - Alta. Vista Translation site Use full for distance education - especially for students with other than English native Language DIS Type in text or url, very quick For a rough translation of this page, including all hyperlinks, into French, German, Italian, Spanish,
or Portuguese, copy the URL to the Altavista Translator.
For a rough translation of any page, including all hyperlinks, into French, German, Italian, Spanish,
or Portuguese, copy a URL http://www.-------- to the Altavista Translator.

BBC Education - 20CVox
Twentieth Century Vox provides listeners with a . The clips . HIS DIS 4 using real audio can listen short montages (4 - 5 minutes long) giving a human perspective on how
events and development shaped daily live
colorful and representative archive of oral history
Britanica -Encyclopedia and Meriam Webster Dictionary on line Good first search on a general subject DIS 3 much http://www. y 4

Department of Computer & Letters (Computers & Arts) at Utrecht University. The Netherlands, [link not working] use for Library Seemed like good site from description; but was not reachable on various occasions --Engineers specialists in methods and techniques of humanities computing. Managing Utrecht U. worth reviewing further DIS 3 Sponsor of “Digitisation of European Cultural Heritage Products-Principles-Techniques” 21-23 October 1999 for Library
link to PICA Open Library Network.
Didactic Web for Dartmouth faculty. Looks like rich source – Marked for later follow-up…. Some may be Macintosh based>> LIB DIS 3 Web sites, Images for the Web, More Web Images, Silhouettes, Digital Video Short Takes search engines, • Web site template,• Discussion site template, • PhotoShop Quick Intro
Y 4

Distance learning Portal Ok as source, check back periodically DIS 3 Portal: Library support for distance learners n 3

FIDDO (Focused Investigation of Document Delivery Options) Project Very nice interface simple, Might be good site to link with Distance learning inquiry and sites. [discovered via Library land exercise 13) DIS 4 Document Delivery Reports, Projects
Good full text on Tool Kit for evaluation 4
“Toolkit is concerned with the evaluation of docum
Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion Libraries Webpage for research institutions of Reform Judaism features .seems to be in preparation" shows direction and some samples DIS & LIB & 3 on-line exhibits including illuminated Passover Haggadahs from the 16th-18th c. (for free download) and other rare books http://www. Y some but mostly summaries from what I saw 3

Info Nation Good portal and basic data With Cyber School Bus Resources UN DIS 3 some trouble with URL for inf. nation. Go to parent site and click through data for the Member States of the United Nations. Yes some data on countries 3

Jonnie’s Distance Learning Page : Liberal Studies (MLS/ALM) Great Portal site to organizations offering degrees with some component distance edu. DIS 3 Various MA & Ph.D. programs see Jonnie's Distance Learning Page : Research Doctorates mostly portal 3

National Library of Education 3 use as portal to go to : GEM: The Gateway to Educational Materials - search for lesson plans and curriculum materials, limiting the search by grade level and other options.
NCEF: The National Clearinghouse for Educational Facilities collects and disseminates - design, construction,
maintenance, and operation of elementary and
secondary school buildings.
ED Pubs: on-line ordering system - Dept of Ed's pubs, posters, videos etc.
DIS & LIB Yes review again e.g.
USNEI: The U.S. Network for Education Information -U.S. and
foreign education systems.
also link to
ERIC: The Educational Resources Information Center -comprehensive index of education-related literature dating back to 1966
http://www. yes via portals 4
also points to
VRD: The Virtual Reference Desk - digital service designed to answer the questions of students and educators by
connecting them to a network of experts.

Networked Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations Seems to be a work in Progress - Worth keeping an eye on digital library of electronic theses and dissertations (ETDs). DIS 3 final report on US Dept. of Educ. funded project, 11/30/99, in PDF and Word formats. to search and browse yes via search & browse link 4
Copyright law: US Code 17 Registering copyright for an ETD ; Copyright and fair use info
Oral History Project for Adult Education Classes Good sample of approach to Oral History could be developed with material as a template to get history of various organizations. What is a minimal set of information to collect? HIS DIS or-H 3 Lessons and Resources for Oral History with samples http://www. y 4
from New Bedford Division of Adult/Continuing Education New Bedford, MA 02740
Project Guttenberg
LIB DIS 3 More than 1,000 full-text public domain works in electronic format http://www.

Regents College NYS Just info about their programs DIS 3 Master of Arts in Liberal Studies (MLS).


Regents Univ. information on Programs offered. Seem like complete on -line if required. Need to check further on accreditation DIS 3 DL Ph.D. & MA Christian based
just blurbs 3

Research Index scientific literature digital library that...provides Abstracts -Worth playing with some more LIB DIS 3 algorithms, techniques, and software that can be used in other digital libraries." http://www. Y Abstracts 4
aims to improve the dissemination and feedback of scientific literature, and to provide improvements in functionality, usability, availability, cost, comprehensiveness, efficiency, and timeliness
Schools for the New Millennium: Community in History To be revisited for oral story project - good links and samples of approach HIS-ORL, DIS or-H 3 links to Notes on Oral History in the Classroom. How Oral History can be an interdisciplinary link to many subject areas, integrating various courses in a project y 3
Workshop on the Web: Introduction to Oral History Baylor University Institute for Oral

A very good guide to the nuts and bolts of oral history.

The Academy Excellent Portal Site to various information of Library and Distance Education Interest DIS & LIB Very Straight forward simple list with hyperlinks Area Studies, Multiculturalism, and the Problems of Expert Knowledge y links within site 3

The American Century of Art and Culture Multi media tour. Need some extra plugin from real player DIS 3 Little too dark background etc. for my taste yes Learning Center and Member discussion take a full approach to their digital collection. http://www.

the Harvard Extension School Distinct first page then goes to what appears simple text, Content on Distance Education courses mostly focus on design or Internet etc. DIS 4 MA extension and certificates for advanced study see distance education

U. Of Waterloo Scholarly Societies Project: Good DIS 3 Simple table with Category headings, First screen does scroll Lists of Societies and Standards Yes 4

Union Institute Simple banner - striking Blue on White home page – main pages one line open to see link to Non-Profit list and Mangers Library DIS 3 managers Library for non-profits. Implies their degrees have sharable outputs. Yes links to projects an Library 4

United Nations Cyber School Bus , a virtual guide to the UN and more. See also Model UN Discussion Area UN DIS 3 information on global trends and UN Member States. Country & city profiles, statistics, photographs Yes via links 4
Peace, Countries, Projects for School children and ideas for others
University of Kent at Canterbury Straight Forward approach - Emulating their traditional Catalog and services to students etc. adding on docs. DIS 4 Simple Set up page - one line for key themes with hotlinks. interesting University Newsletter and Press releases Archive Seee searchable index on Tof C page Yes 4

University of Kent at Canterbury Only seems good if planing to be in Kent for extended period and take some courses DIS 4 info on college & course possibilities
n 2

US Department of Education Good presentation and links to related items DIS 4 Pointer to Free resources related to Arts, Educational technology, Foreign languages, Health and Safety , Language arts, Mathematics , Physical education, Science, Social studies, Vocational education
also for national Library of Education
Victorian Women's Writers Project Interesting copyright statement(c) 1997, LIB DIS HIS 3 transcriptions of works by British women writers of the 19th century, anthologies, novels, political pamphlets, religious tracts, children's books, volumes of poetry, verse, drama. http://www. y 5
Indiana Univ claim copyright only to original contributions made by the Victorian Women Writers Project participants and other members of the university community. Indiana University makes no claim of copyright to the original text.Encoded using the Standard Generalized Markup Language (SGML).
Virtual Religion index from Rutgers University Simple Design use on Front page to update Academic Sites ] DIS & Dev 3Yes review again [ Buddhist Studies ] [ Christian Tradition ] [ Comparative Religion ] [ Confessional Agencies ] [ East Asian Studies ] [ Ethics & Moral Values ] [ Greco-Roman Studies ] [ Hindu Studies ]
[ Islamic Studies ] [ Jewish Studies ]
Religion etc. [ American Studies ] [ Ancient Near East ] [ Anthropology & Sociology Biblical Studies ] [ Philosophy & Theology ] [ Psychology of Religion