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CF/EPP/RAM/ 1999-0501 Nobel Peace Prize for UNICEF on page 11,235,236,240,341 of "The Children and the Nations" The Story of Unicef by Maggie Black [ISBN 92 1 100302-4]    pages?  =  ???KB
CF/EPP/RAM/ 1998-0134 The Nobel Story: First-hand Report from Mrs. Adelaide Sinclair to UNICEF Staff Around the World. 3 pages
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CF/EPP/RAM/ 1999-0135 Background On Unicef for Stories on Nobel Peace Prize Award 25 Oct 1965 5 Pages
CF/EPP/RAM/ 1999-0136 Year-End Roundup: Unicef awarded Nobel Prize in 1965 for 19 Years of Service to Children: Health, Better Food, and Education Feature Work of Children's Fund in 118 Countries 30 Dec 1965 6 pages
CF/EPP/RAM/ 1999-0137 Photo Copy of Nobel Plaque given to UNICEF -writing in Norwegian 1 page
CF/EPP/RAM/ 1999-0138 Presentation Speech [to add detail] 10 Dec 1965 10 Pages
CF/EPP/RAM/ 1999-0139 Reprint of Acceptance speech from 10 Dec 1965 [to add detail] - UN Monthly Chronicle - includes picture of award 01 Jan 1966 3 pages
CF/EPP/RAM/ 1999-0140 Various Press Clippings e.g. "Unicef wins Nobel Prize" - Herald Tribune, LA Herald-Examiner, Hollywood Reporter 3 Pages
CF/EPP/RAM/ 1999-0141 Life Magazine  "Nobel Prize for the Love of Childen" 15 Nov 1965 7 Pages
CF/EPP/RAM/ 1999-0141

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Life Magazine  "Nobel Prize for the Love of Childen" 15 Nov 1965 7 Pages