SAMPLE :     UNICEF Historical Monographs 

Doc Reference      Item Title      Date size
CF/HST/ MON/86-001    Mono I-     Development Education in UNICEF    01-Apr- 1986
apx 52p +b = 1,601kb pdf file
CF/HST/ MON/86-002  Mono II-     National Committees in Europe, UNICEF Perspective   01-May- 1986 --p +b = 2,103kb pdf file
CF/HST/ MON/86-003  Mono III-     Programme Assistance to European Countries     01-Jun -1986 __p+b = 2,853kb pdf file
CF/HST/ MON/86-004  Mono IV -     UNICEF in Americas For the Children of three Decades    01-Oct -1986  
CF/HST/ MON/86-005  Mono V -     NGO and UNICEF Co-operation: A Historical Perspective   01-Mar -1987  
CF/HST/ MON/86-006 Mono VI -     UNICEF in Africa, South of the Sahara Historical Perspective   01-Mar -1987  
CF/HST/ MON/86-007   Mono VII -     Women, the Long Voyage   01-Mar -1987 BEWARE -LONG DOC Slow loading PDF 10,256KB